Kadhja Bonet - "Honeycomb"

Yes. Yes yes yes. Kadhja Bonet's debut release The Visitor came to us a few months ago, and I'm more than upset that I haven't said anything about it until now. The entire thing feels like it's from another time and place; blending classical, folk, jazz, and a slew of other genres into this retro-modern soundscape, elevated by her porcelain vocals and perfectly executed vision. 

"Honeycomb" was the lead single from the record, which is why I singled it out, but it would be a mistake to not listen to this in full. It's clear Bonet had the intent to explore, leading to some really beautiful moments (the back half of "Gamma Honey" is just....it's so good), but at the same time she never stretches herself to a place that doesn't fit. Everything feels so natural, and her control of it all is what makes this so special.

So for those of you listened to Janelle Monae's "Sir Greendown/ Oh, Maker/ 57821" and said "I would LOVE a full album like this," look no further. To merely label Kadhja Bonet is one to watch would be a gross understatement, because based on everything I've heard, she just might be THE one to watch.