mAsis - "Skin"

They started the year with what is still one of my favorite singles of 2016 ("Good Life") and haven't looked back. "Skin" is the fourth, and presumably last, track we'll get from the Glendale, CA natives (close to my house!) before the start of 2017, but I'd say they've been more than good to us these past 12 months. 

The single is on par with everything they've put out, drawing us in with atmospheric production and the natural blend of their vocals, using the male/ female dynamic to full effect. It's all consuming at times, as the steady synths grow into a fog of sound, enticing you further. Their control is in top form and seems to grow with every new single; "Skin" being the pinnacle, machine like in it's execution. 

No matter how many times I write about them it will never be enough, mAsis has easily been one of the best surprises to come out of an extremely strong year of music, a statement which brings me nothing but joy since they're just getting started.