Mick Jenkins - "Drowning" (feat. BADBADNOTGOOD)

Despite having not mentioned Mick Jenkins' debut LP, The Healing Component, when it was released in late September, it was a welcome addition to a solid year in hip hop. While the record isn't without it's missteps, the talent and ambition are there. That sentiment is never more evident on "Drowning," the BADBADNOTGOOD assisted single. If the entire album was on this level The Healing Component might be contending for a Top 20 spot on my yearly Top 50 ranking (coming later this month, for Christmas <3).

"Drowning" is unusually unique. I say unusual because I haven't heard anything else like it this year, hip hop or otherwise. The steady repetition during the first portion of the song hypnotizes you to the point that you forget that you're listening to hip hop, so when he finally starts to spit it's like you've been given a gift you didn't know was coming. And then, just as quickly as it was given to you, it's taken again, returning to it opening format. 

My above description may be confusing now, but once you start the song you'll say something like "Ahhhh now I get it, Spenser! You dog you!" If you dig this track, last years EP Wave[s] and 2014's mixtape The Water[s] are more than worth a look. And if it's a couple more tracks from The Healing Component you're looking for, "Fall Through" and "Angles" get my official seal of approval. We cool? Cool. TTYS.