Mree - "The Evergreen"

I've mentioned Mree before on this site, right? Just kidding (good joke Spense!), definitely have...and by "mentioned" I mean brought into the conversation truly every chance I get. But I have good reason for my persistence, it's because she's the best. Need I say more? *dramatically wipes off hands, heads to the kitchen for something sweet.*

Back to the point. "The Evergreen" is a holiday song that contains every ounce of magic you crave and more; which makes sense, considering her sound can easily be paired with the fall/ winter months. Her angelic vocals and soaring harmonies surround you, just like the blanket you're wrapping yourself with (do iiiit), and her delicate, dream inducing instrumentals warm you like that hot chocolate you hopefully made BEFORE you got comfy with that blanket. Really though, absolutely gorgeous stuff from an artist whose music all but confirms a higher power.  

Also, side note (end note?), Mree's side project Perlo, a collaboration with Henri Bardot, released their debut EP Patterns back in March. It's a natural complement to both the season and fans of Mree's work, so if it's more you want, look no further.

I don't want a big empty space here so I'm going to ramble a bit. I started working on a piece where I chose my favorite fall album from each of the last 10 years (just to clarify I mean my favorite albums that represent fall, not favorite albums that happened to be released during fall).

Unfortunately it turned into a much larger endeavor than I anticipated and because I'm already swamped compiling my Top 50 Albums of 2016 (coming next week) I'm afraid I had to postpone that post until next Fall arrives. Hopefully you're still around by then, and if you're beyond desperate to know which albums I had in mind just text me, though I only got as far as narrowing each year down to 10 choices aka I still have 100 albums to sift through (HOW did I not think that would take long?). Anyhow, Happy Holidays!