KAMAU - "Mint" ft. Talibah Safiya

It's always nice when an artist expands their sound outside of what you knew. Of course in KAMAU's case it's a little different, he's a new artist so in a way, everything he does will be a slight expanse. That being said, "Mint" is quite different from anything off his debut EP A Gorgeous Fortune, released earlier this year.

Teaming up with Brooklyn songstress Talibah Safiya (whose solo work you can groove to HERE), KAMAU trades in his signature vocally layered beats and puts together a synth based soulful slow jam. While KAMAU had teased his vocal prowess on the EP, this is the first track where he doesn't rap at all, giving us a grand view of what he's capable of. 

"Mint" is smooth and refreshing (just like the title suggests, wouldn't ya know!), and I'm excited to see what 2017 brings to one of my favorite artists to emerge this year.