SOHN - "Rennen"

I've mentioned SOHN a number of times on this site. His 2014 debut Tremors is one of my favorite albums in the last decade, so you could imagine my joy when he started putting out new music this year, but something was missing. There's always a rush that flows through you when you find a new artist you love. There isn't a wait or an expectation, so you take it in without judgement, it doesn't matter. So when an artist kills it the stakes are suddenly raised, just doing what they did is no longer sufficient; you want to be surprised again, you want to rediscover them in a way. Well, that didn't happen...until now. 

That ellipsis made it dramatic didn't it? Just like the singles I wanted more from, you were hoping to get something special from this paragraph. Sorry to disappoint, regular old paragraph here. Anyway, "Rennen" is actually the third single he's posted this year, and also my favorite. His first two were good ("Signal" and "Conrad") but "Rennen" is the one that really hit me, hence this post. Since hearing this track I've been able to better appreciate the other two. What "Rennen" did was take a step way back, instead of pushing forward, and it was in the simplification that I found my love. 

"Rennen," which also happens to be the title track of his upcoming sophomore LP, exists without all the bells and whistles, relying largely on a delicate piano melody and his lush vocals. It's so easy to get swept up in, and when I hear something that makes me want to close my eyes and drift away that's when I know it's a sound that I won't be forgetting anytime soon. 

Also, just in case you don't want to go searching, here's another one of the singles in support of Rennen (the album), which will be available January 13th, 2017. It's the same day as Run The Jewels' RTJ3 and The xx's I See You. Go ahead and prepare your soul for that one, because I don't see myself being able to function that week.