Kid Cudi - "Baptized In The Fire" feat. Travis Scott

For those that have been with me for awhile (a year, it’s our year anniversary don’t tell me you FORGOT), you’ll remember the less than satisfactory review I threw to Kid Cudi’s last effort, the uninspired and monotone Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven. You’ll also remember I stated that despite the disappointment there’s pretty much nothing that could deter me from my devotion to Mr. Rager; as long as Cudi is doing him, that’s all that matters. I’ll always have Man On The Moon. Well it seems he’s finally found a happy medium, although ‘happy’ might not be the right word considering his current state…say some prayers for our boy. 

“Baptized in the Fire” is the third single released in support of his upcoming LP Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin’, and it’s GOOD (Cudi even makes trap music sound decent, even Pusha couldn't do that!). The track maintains the vibe set by his two previous singles, “Frequency” and “Surfin’.” This makes, by my count...three good singles! This couldn’t be a more positive sign considering I couldn’t find three songs I like on his entire last album (and we had 26 songs to choose from, seriously there were like…no good songs). In other words, this album is already a success.

Now I'll stop talking so you can enjoy this latest single and rejoice in the fact Santa’s presence has all but been confirmed with Cudi’s December 16th release date. Early Christmas gift never felt so good! Now if we could only get Pusha to do the same...