Gabrielle Aplin - "Miss You"

I usually associate Gabrielle's music with a tempered, piano driven style, so when her new single, "Miss You," came out I was both surprised and in love. I always talk about how I love pop music, but actually posting about it has been a rarity, so I'm happy to do it on Gabrielle's behalf. 

The single is simple in the best way, catchy and engaging, it knows what it is and doesn't try to be anything more. She applies her knack melodic arcs and builds off of the bigger sound she presented on 2015's Light Up The Dark (though the record was more soul) to great effect; and I have to say, I dig the growth. 

The rest of the EP complements it's single, "Night Bus" and "Run For Cover" are both solid, and she ends with an piano version of "Miss You" that gives you an idea of how the single would have sounded had she released it during her earlier years. 

While there's no word on a new album, I'd imagine she's got something in the works for 2017. Until then, we've got more than enough to work with. Enjoy!