Manu Delago - "A Step" (feat. Pete Josef)

Manu Delgado has been on the scene for almost five years now, and though he isn't someone I mentioned, his 2015 record Silver Kobalt had a distinct presence and steadiness to it, but that's par for the course with the Austrian composer. Manu has a knack for unique arrangements, and while not everything knocks me off my feet, when things do land, they really strike a chord (check out "A Long Way," on the 2013 record Bigger Than Home, or the haunting and intense "Wandering Alone," off the aforementioned Silver Kobalt). 

One of Manu's biggest strengths is finding singers who fit into his sounds perfectly, which he does again by having Pete Josef lend his vocals to "A Step." The softness in his voice adds immediate vulnerability (think of a James Blake/ Patrick Watson mixture) as well as a perfect compliment to the quiet percussions. The song is quiet and moving, and much more complex then it lets on. Listen, love, and add it to you Fall mix.

*If you like Pete, check out his 2015 debut record, Colour

Also I should note that I have Manu to thank for finding Andreya Triana, who is featured on the single I mentioned from Bigger Than Home. Her 2010 debut Lost Where I Belong was an absolute gem. Then, last year, she released a sorely under appreciated sophomore record, Giants. I'm as much to blame as anyone for it's lack of love, I didn't find the album until well into 2016 or it would have been sitting pretty in my 2015's Top 50. Sorry Andreya, it won't happen again! Now listen. Go! Go! Go!