Phoria - "Everything Beta"

While I have a ton to say here, I'll save it for my review of Phoria's debut LP Volition, which comes out June 3rd. What I will say is that they've been crafting beautifully visual soundscape, both cinematic and intimate they tread between the two confidently and skillfully, with Trewin Howard's airy vocals that are breathed across a lingering synth and trippy beat.

I want to include one of their previous singles as well, "Saving Us a Riot." It's sleepy acoustics, simple poetry, and dream like vocals are enough, but when they close it out with a chorus of strings it turns into something more. I can't wait to see how it fits into the album! Also, here are the links to two of their EPs, 2013's Bloodworks and 2014's Display, both spectacular.