Bibio - "Petals"

Bibio aka producer/ multi instrumentalist Stephen Wilkenson, might be the hardest working man in music, having dropped eight albums since 2009 (and one prior to that, his debut LP Hand Cranked in 2006) . The latest of which is A Mineral Love, which came to us today, April 1st. At this point I've only given it one listen through, and with me being behind on the album review front this might be the records only mention. I did feel like I should at least highlight the opening track, "Petals," it's psychedelic-acoustic approach makes for a pensive listen, which is a beautiful start to any album, I only wish it were longer! The rest of the album plays similarly to it's dreamy opener, though nothing stuck out to me as much (I'll be giving it more of my time eventually). Still, it's worth a listen given the right mood.