Johanan - "All at Once"

With only three tracks to date Johanan has already provided us with a nice showing of diversity. His most recent, "All At Once," hooks you instantly with heavy horns over skipped beats, add the smooth vocal delivery and I'm set; Made in Heights came to mind in a big way when I first heard it. Though don't get attached to that specific sound, the other singles don't sound like "All at Once" at all. "Holy Spirit" is equally as playful as it is beautiful, with it's warm tones and calming harmonies, while "Go On (Let It Go)," which was the first single released, has all the makings of a Jonsi track, patiently building into a gorgeous explosion of sound. On top of that the vocals land somewhere between Jose Gonzales and Sufjan Stevens. Just listen, you'll get it. We've definitely got a unique talent on our hands. I'll post a couple singles so you can hear the contrast. Studly.