Miloux - "Pocket"

THIS. THIS RIGHT HERE. "Pocket" is the first track off Miloux's debut EP, the aptly titled EP 1and it is GOLD. I always have so much trouble describing the things I love most, I just want you to listen and feel it, because trust me, you will. Its strength is built on patience, whether it's the restraint shown by holding out the beat from kicking in until almost a minute or waiting even longer to reveal Rebecca Melrose's sensuous vocals, this track is addictive in every way. Her phrasing at the bridge?? Perfection. It almost feels like the beautiful child of Massive Attack and Boards of Canada (think "Teardrop" meets "Dayvan Cowboy"??)

Just because I chose to highlight the single doesn't mean the rest of the EP is flat. It's good, really really good. While all the tracks keep the same mood, they still maintain their individuality, creating an experience to last. The more I listen to more I love it, whether it's the floating feeling we're given during "These Rules," or "Hold It Back" with it's slick vocal flow, or "Beaches'" rich, dream-like atmosphere (the remix that follows is even better, pure candy). The EP is perfect: mature, unique, controlled. I haven't liked something this much in awhile. Get to listening people! Seriously. Right now.