Steady Holiday - "Open Water"

My level of appreciation is most likely directly correlated with the mood I'm in, though regardless of mood, this is the style that grips me the hardest. It starts off so simply, innocently, then the music begins to build, as so does the atmosphere, slowly gaining presence throughout, wrapping you up as Dre Babinski's light vocals try to keep you calm even when the music delves into a feeling a bit more sinister. Though, if you've listened to any of Steady Holiday's other singles, you'd know that feeling is par for the course á la 2015's "Your Version of Me," the single that put her on the map. Dre's style is unique and I like the idea of a little darkness boding behind the fairy tale. Her sound is full bodied and cinematic, making for a very visual listening experience. I love it!

Her debut LP Under the Influence is set to be released on June 24th, set your calendars (or you can just pre-order it now, click here)