berhana - "80s"

I'm more than a few months late to writing about this, apologies to berhana. I don't even have an excuse as I've been grooving to it, but neglected to share it. Shameful! 

Late last year he released "80s," and it is a GROOVE. Crisp vocals drifting over minimalist beats, and that slow build to the climax, only to clip it abruptly? I love it. As of now we've only got two songs to work with from him ("Janet" is the other single and it is everything you've been missing), and with no news of an EP or LP on the way, we just have to be patient. Though I can't imagine the year ending without something more substantial coming out, he can't let the hype go to waste! There is massive potential here, a classic R&B/ hip-hop vibe but very much a product of today; who can say no that?