VÉRITÉ - "Constant Crush" // "Underdressed"

Though her sound is nothing new, she has a consistency to her sound that, if you're in the mood, makes for something you can count on. She backtracked a little bit after her 2015 EP Sentiment failed to reach the same popularity of her 2014 EP Echo (and rightfully so, as Echo was definitely the better of the two). I'm still waiting to see which version of her comes through this year as her two releases, "Constant Crush" and "Underdressed," have me split. "Underdressed" is what I'm drawn to: minimalist beat, dreamy backing vocal harmonies, and a catchy hook. Whereas "Constant Crush" resembles a more "structured for success" approach. It's still nice to hear, but won't keep me coming back. But what do I know, I'll post both and you can decide for yourself.