Stephen - "Crossfire" // "Sincerely"

I was a little late to the Stephen party, but I am here now and I am intrigued. While I don't think anything on the album (his debut record, Sincerely) is better than "Crossfire," one of the singles he released in 2015, the album is good and carries a handful of surprises. Though, outside of the singles, I've only listened to the album all the way through one time (so far). I will say I was impressed by his contentedness to let quiet things stay quiet. Sometimes simplicity can speak volumes, knowing when and when not to bulk up your sound is an art form in itself. As I spend more time with the album I'll be able to develop a more concrete opinion, but I wanted to post this single from the album (any single!) because my full review, if it ever comes to fruition at all, might be awhile. So here's the previously mentioned "Crossfire" and the albums title track, which happen to be the last two songs on the album. Enjoy.