Max Richter - "The Family"

Max Richter has been mentioned on my site a number of times. A composer of fascinating and ambitious original works (which I reference below), as well as gorgeous, sweeping film scores; he is one artist who I listen to almost daily. This latest single, however, comes courtesy of composer Luke Woodapple, and is only played by Max. It's very much in the same vein as Max's work, alluring, moody, simplistic. It plays like a gorgeous, overcast day in the fall, which brings me nothing but comfort. I have no problem posting anything that Max involves himself with, he is one of the few artists working that never lets me down. His music is both thoughtful and though provoking, often creating very visual experiences through the simplest melodies. For a more expansive taste check out his score of last years Testament of Youth (also an excellent film),  or his take on Vivaldi's The Four Seasons (spoiler, it's everything you've ever wanted).  

One thing I'd also like to note is last year's Sleep, a sprawling, eight-hour album all dedicated to compliment and improve a full sleep cycle. It sounds gimmicky, but even as a standalone piece it works. Unfortunately the full album is only available for purchase ($35 for a digital copy), but you can sample an hour cut on Spotify, labeled From Sleep, which will give you an idea of the feel. I'll post it below. Enjoy!!