Charlotte Cardin - "Like It Doesn't Hurt"

Why don't we continue with yesterday's dark theme and slide in next to another downer, courtesy of Charlotte Cardin and featured rapper, Husser. Her voice is smoky and sensual, and she displays that same quiet strength present on prior releases "Big Boy" and "Les échardes." With only three singles under her belt, all of which are excellent, there's nothing but potential sitting on the shoulders of this young Canadian artist. While she is touring right now, all dates except for one are in Canada, so us West Coast-ers are out of luck (her one non-Canadian date it tomorrow in NYC so hustle up and get tickets!). Her French influences seem strong enough to tweak her sound away from the mainstream and I'm anxious to see how she incorporates that flavor when a full length comes around. Until then, we've got a few tracks to keep us warm...or cold, depending on which tracks you choose. Can't go wrong either way. Here's a taste of both.