Fyfe - "In Colour"

From the pure, unwavering falsetto at the start, to the synths that roll through like waves, this song drifts into you without you even realizing it. Its slow burn of a melody puts you in a trance that by the time the song comes into its own you're already hooked, there's no need for further convincing. This is Fyfe's second single this year, released on the heels of his 2015 breakout debut record, Control. His voice has the tone of someone not of this time, that uniqueness allows him to keep things simple, and by not forcing himself on us he ends up landing more of an impact. If you enjoyed Control then this track is a no brainer, as he continues down the same path, slowly but surely perfecting the sound scape he seems set on inhabiting. And going back to "In Colour," that raw guitar slipping in at the end? MORE PLEASE. And case you missed last years album, I'll include an additional single to get you hooked. Journey on, Fyfe, I'll be listening.