Noah Slee - "Sink"

Despite the fact that summer is quickly closing in, the music I've been drawn to lately has been anything but summer-y. Case in point, Slee's "Sink." A track that is oozing with spacey R&B, it rocks its way through with a mild tempo until, and just when you settle in he goes and takes the track to another level. "Sink," which was released in 2015, is the second single off of what has to be my favorite EP title so far this year, To Your Inner Hippie & Cos You Fly as Fuck. The EP, which came out a few months back (March 16th), is Slee's first, and has been a pretty consistent go to my late nights, so I figured it's about time I posted about it. So the next time 11pm rolls around why don't you grab your headphones, throw this track on and hit up your porch or balcony and let that night air hit you.