Sleeping At Last - "Hearing"

Sleeping At Last (aka Ryan O'Neal) has been making grandiose work for quite some time now. In 2012 he decided to forgo the traditional album, instead building a series of interconnected Atlas EPs (Atlas: Oceans is my hands down favorite, all instrumental, it's simple, beautiful, and majestic). After releasing them as a set, Atlas: Year One, he began to work on the follow up, releasing Atlas: Life in 2015 and this month Atlas: Senses. His music is always moving, often dealing with heavy themes such a faith and existence; though I find his instrumentals to be the biggest draw (re: Oceans), which is why I chose "Hearing" from his latest EP. I'm not sure how long he'll explore his sound in this way, but I'll welcome it forever.  

I'm also including the Atlas: Life EP mentioned above; it's intimate and uplifting and showcases his gift of poetry as well as his ear for sound.