Alexis Roberts - "Play House"

Though this song was released back in March, I heard virtually nothing of its existence until this morning, when NPR notified me that the video was released. After listening to the track I was blown away that it had slipped through the cracks, further cementing my belief that some of the greatest music being made is probably (definitely) also not being heard, at least not by a wide enough audience. Am I saying that this track is some of the greatest music being made? No. But it's good. Take into account she's only 20 and it's her first single? Really good. And good music deserves listeners!! The track itself is quiet, letting the emotion slow into you. The heavy bass, meticulous guitar, desperate, sensual vocals. I hear a lot of Daughter in her sound. While we don't yet have a clear idea of where she wants to take her art, "Play House," is a damn good start. 

And here's a link to her music video as well, which came out today. I am on top of it! Actually NPR is but I REAPING THE BENEFITS. Enjoy!