Maggie Rogers - "Alaska"

Remember that masterclass the perennial coolest-man-alive Pharrell did for NYU students back in March? In it, NYU student Maggie Roger's gets a second to share one of her tracks with him and he's instantly taken by it. Here's the video. Fast forward to 18:13 to see the girl of the hour.  

That song you heard, and, if you have taste, loved, was released today. Considering Pharrell's glowing support of Maggie, I'd imagine any label with a brain was looking to sign and release her work, so naturally it didn't take long to get her track out there. Similar to acts like Sylvan Esso or Marian Hill, Maggie takes simplistic beats and lets her vocal melodies and layers take you to where you want to go. The soul of the work is immediately evident and her despite my comparisons she has a genuinely unique sound. "Alaska" plays smooth, the sounds bouncing off your ear drums so effortlessly, like you're floating. It's addictive. At the very least I think we should expect an EP release sometime later in the year and I'm really curious to see how she follows this track up.