Mainland - "Beggars"

NYC rock outfit Mainland has dropped two solid EPs the last couple years, 2014's Shiner EP followed by 2015's Outcast EP. Since their debut I felt they had a little Arctic Monkeys' and that rings true now more than ever with their new single "Beggars." While their sound is much more polished than it was when they started, their style still sits in the same crevice. This song features has an anthem-like vibe to it that's easy to get behind it. But it's the vocal structure during the verses that I'm drawn to; the flow is smooth, and when it's thrown over the steady drum beat and bass line, sweet sweet stuff. I have no clue if this single will be something featured in their full length debut or if it's another EP they plan to put out, either way, more new music is all good news to me.