Kid Cudi - "Goodbye"

Fans of Kid Cudi everywhere, rejoice. He is rapping again. I repeat, HE IS RAPPING AGAIN. And it's good. Really really good. This is the first time in awhile that it's felt like old Cudi. Produced by himself and Dot da Genius (the two together form WZRD), it's dark, moody,  and he comes out of the gates on fire. It feels right. I wrote a pretty extensive (for me) piece about Cudi's current state of music when I reviewed his 2015 record. Despite not enjoying it, I believe in him as an artist, and furthermore I'd rather have him make music I didn't like then not be true to himself. But this new track is back to where I want him to be, and maybe he needed to explore before coming back to it. Even if it's only one song I'm going to cherish it. Cudi announced earlier that he has two albums set to be released this year, and while there's no word whether or not this track will be on either of them, it gives me cause for hope.