Marian Hill - "Mistaken"

It's become apparent to me that Marian Hill has no interest in making music that isn't interesting, diverse, or addictive. Her simplistic approach is only a facade, as there is depth each layer, which is so meticulously crafted; whether it's the sparse drumbeat, the altered vocals that perfectly complement her soft delivery, whether it features accompanying brass or woodwinds. While I mentioned her before, her album is now closer than ever (Act One comes to us at the end of this month, June 24th!) and I thought we'd...I'd, give her one more push. Her style is smooth, almost R&B like in it's mood, yet I wouldn't classify it there. To me, she is without a genre, without a label, and I wish I could say that more often. Listen to her sounds, love her uniqueness, support her artistry. It's well earned. This is someone I'm definitely looking forward to seeing, and will. If you're in the LA area she has a show September 21st at the El Rey. Join me. I'll buy you a drink. 

In addition to the featured song I'm also going to include another one of her singles, the one that's leading off the summer mix I'm currently putting together!