Rationale - "Palms"

I had the courtesy of seeing this guy last night and let me tell you, he is going to EXPLODE this year. His style, stage presence, and abilities are off the charts; and it's easy to see how genuinely he loves what he does, the best quality for any artist. Having already landed an expansive fanbase with last years Fuel To The Fire EP, he looks to conquer even further when he releases his full length self-titled debut later this year (September 23rd!!). Until then we have two singles to work with: the first, "Something For Nothing," was released earlier this year, and the second, "Palms," was released today and is just as spectacular as you'd expect.

Rationale's style draws from a number of influences, being compared to everyone from Morrissey to Tracy Chapman, but I hear more of him in contemporaries like LP, DeVotchKa, and Jessie Ware. Regardless of who he can be likened too, he is overflowing with originality and talent. His voice is unique, powerful, and crisp; add in his range, soulful tone and new wave pop sensibilities and a star is born. Don't miss out. Here's "Palms," and my favorite single from Fuel To The Fire, "The Mire" (listen to those vocals from 1:40-1:50. I'm obsessed).