Bishop Briggs - "The Way I Do"

For whatever reason I have yet to talk about Bishop Briggs and I'm sorry. I've looped all three singles she's released this year like it's my job (I wish it was my job). I can't get enough. And with the amount of attention she's gotten it seems like we're all on the same page, at least I hope we are. Briggs' voice is crisp and powerful, add that to her electro-bluesy sound, and there's no stopping this girl. While there's no word on if and when an LP or an EP will be released, I have no doubt we'll find out soon. In the meantime, sit back and let this track wash over you.

Also, if you're in the LA area she's part of Alt 98.7's Summer Camp concert at the Santa Monica Pier with The Strumbellas (Hope), Grace Mitchell (Raceday EP), Lewis Del Mar (EP), and a few others. I won't be in town, but if you are it should be a decent show.