Youth Lagoon - "Kerry" (Oliver Coates Rework)

I seldom post remixes on here (reworking in this case), and to be honest it's because I rarely listen to them. Unless someone tells me to, or it's an artist I enjoy who is adding their expertise to the track, I generally pay no mind. So if you're looking for a place in the music world in which I am severely lacking, look no further than the land of remixes. And metal. Remixes and metal. Anyway, this morning I was listening to Youth Lagoons' Savage Hills Ballroom (listen to "Highway Patrol Stun Gun" if you're unfamiliar) and saw below that there was a remix of the track "Kerry," a song which was neither here nor there for me, making me curious as to why anyone would choose that song to breath new life into. I was intrigued to say the least, and then was blown away. It's so far from the original, the sound, the soul of the track, made new and WHOLE. Oliver Coates, whose album, Upstepping, came out a few months back, is on his way to pushing sound and the formulas that genre's adhere to, to new heights. While I'd love to go into further detail, I'll save it for the album review. I just want you to know, for now, that he's special, and what he did with the track is special, and that music is the best thing on the planet. Thank you and goodnight. 

Two more things, first, I'll post Youth Lagoons original track, and THEN Coates' version. Listen to both! And second, here's a spectacular write up and interview with Oliver Coates from FACT Magazine (a great great music music publication), CLICK ME BRUH.