Banks - "Fuck With Myself"

Great news everyone! The reigning queen of dark pop has returned, and she brought an even moodier sound with her. It seems like the massive success of 2014's Goddess hasn't changed her in the slightest, as she delves to the same shadowy depths that brought her fame. All I can say to that is thank goodness. While she hasn't been completely silent, releasing a stand alone single in 2015 ("Better"), "Fuck With Myself" is the first official single off her untitled sophomore album, which is set to be released September 30th. The feel here, while very much in Banks' realm, plays a bit differently. Production wise I got a heavy dose of FKA Twigs, which teeters on eerie over sensual, and lyrically she is more empowered then broken, which I love. I like the change and I'm excited to see what else she brings to the table. 

I figured I should also include the music video, which is weird, unsettling, and...I can't stop watching. Curiosity turned into fixation, and here we are. Definitely not for everyone, but check it out, see what you think.