Maria Leck - "Lines"

Music often triggers intense visuals for me, it's how I respond, removing me from my reality and taking me someplace new. I think most people who enjoy art are partly, and in my case heavily, driven by that, the power, or more accurately the opportunity, to escape. That's what Maria's "Lines" is offering me at the moment. While these feelings often come and go, as songs rarely maintain the feeling forever (unless you're Agnes Obel or Mree...or Keane or Stornoway...or! OR! Just kidding, I'm done...for now). But as of now, right now, this song is giving me that. 

Much like her 2014 debut LP The Big Storm (check out "Coney Island & Swedish Fields," where she unleashes her vocals and throws down a beautiful harmony), which currently, and UNJUSTLY, still has ZERO listeners (help a girl OUT), "Lines" plays on the heart strings, and guitar strings, ever so softly, with a subtle acoustic melody, as her voice echoes throughout, and while the track is constantly building it never breaks out of its sleepy state. It's good stuff. Though it feels natural hearing her in that folk driven state, she has the ability to branch out quite a bit, like on the soulful "Black Expectations" or the cute "Night Light," from The Big Storm. I really like this girl, she reminds me a bit of Kat Edmonson mixed with Oh Land, which is a great thing. I'm excited to hear what's to come.