Donna Missal - "Sick"

Where have I been?! Apologies to Donna, first and foremost. "Sick" was released all the way back in April, and has just now come to my attention. After giving me one of the best singles of 2015 in "Keep Lying," where she releases her hurt in as powerful a way as I've heard in recent years with punishing, gritty, murderous vocals; and excellent production to match. I'm obsessed. Her newest single, "Sick," is just as great, but much more subdued. This is good on multiple levels, firstly, for showing she's not a one trick pony, exploiting her vocal talents for EVIL! Kidding. But all to often powerhouse vocals become a gimmick rather than an asset, and Donna shows us here that she doesn't need to impress us in that way to...well...impress us. With a steady back beat, a smooth baseline, and her subtle approach to the melody, she's got another hit. Spectacular stuff. 

While I'm sure she has an EP, or an LP (God willin!), in the works, I couldn't find any information. So for singles singles. I'll post both. I'm treating you. Treat me back. I like ice cream and gas money. Up to you what you want to help with.