S U R V I V E - "A.H.B."

They've been relatively silent after releasing what was basically two albums in 2012. The first, their self titled debut, and the second, the two song, 40 minute, space-like pleasure dream, HD009. They're brand is securely in the modern 80's synth movement, giving love and respect to the electronic sounds of the decade. Their music is extremely visual and makes for a great mood creator; I've honestly never felt cooler driving then with them in my ears. Next time you hop in the car late at night, when the streets are empty, throw on "Omniverse" and tell me you don't run shit. You can't, because you do.  

"A.H.B." is the first single off their up coming album RR7349, which is due out September 30th. The single was released on the heels of Netflix's newest original series, Stranger Things, for which S U R V I V E provided the music. And let me tell you it's spectacular (both the show and the music). Below is both their recent single, and the song I mentioned above from their first album. Enjoy!