Regina Spektor - "Bleeding Heart"

WELCOME BACK REGINA. "Bleeding Heart" is the first single since 2013 (though her last album was 2012!). It's been a long four years. She was one of my first ventures out of the mainstream (praise be to Soviet Kitsch!), or I guess what I thought wasn't mainstream, only to find out later she's REALLY popular... 

"Oh, EVERYONE'S heard of her? Ok yeah, no, so cool. So so cool. Talk soon? No? Ok."

But none of that matters. Good music is good music is good music. If you like it, if it makes you feel what you want to feel, then that's what's important. Sometimes it may seem like I don't like, or listen to, the hits of today. That couldn't be more wrong, I love them (I'm just like you <3), I only don't put them on here because everyone has already heard it. I want to expand your scope, not enforce it. And though I assume many of you will be listening to this in no time, she's an artist I really enjoy, and her return is reason to celebrate! "Bleeding Heart" starts off a little more electronic, a little more spacey, then she's been in past, before building to a loud bridge into her more classic style, intimate, poignant. Even after all these years I feel there's no one that is truly like her. I don't know what it is, she's always been so unique, and even as the years past that sentiment never fades, it's a beautiful thing.

Her new album, Remember Us to Life, will be available September 30th, so clear your schedules. We can rent a party bus and listen together, but only if you promise not to drink too much, it's so annoying when you do that.