James Vincent McMorrow - "Rising Water"

Remember when James Vincent McMorrow was on his way to becoming Justin Vernon 2.0 and then we all listened to 2014's Post Tropical and EVERYTHING CHANGED (have you listened to "Gold," lately?! That track is all time for me). Not only was that album easily among the top 10 releases that year, it showed us the infinite potential we could expect from McMorrow. Jump cut to two years later, and we finally have our first single off the upcoming album, We Move (McMorrow's 3rd LP, due out Sept. 2nd) and he's switched up his style once again. "Rising Water," which was produced by Drake's right hand man Nineteen85, carries the odd combination of relaxed retro funk and 80's pop, and it fits together so seamlessly I'm surprised we haven't heard more of it. The song is a great start and the fact that it doesn't sound like any of his previous work makes my mouth water at the prospect of what could be. McMorrow did a little writeup about the new record on his site, which you can check out HERE. Sept. 2nd can't come soon enough.