Pell - "Show Out" // "Basic Beach"

New Pell = new post. I love this guy, his style always feels both contemporary and old school. It's a rarity and a treat, and something that usually never garners the recognition it deserves (still don't understand how Big Boi and Gucci Mane's collab "Shine Blockas" doesn't have a billion listens). Both "Show Out" and "Basic Beach" go along with the upbeat style Pell featured on last years LIMBO (check out "Monday Morning" and "Queso"); they're smooth, fun, and relaxed. Despite gaining a decent amount of new fans he still feels semi unknown when compared to acts like Vince Staples, Earl Sweatshirt, and the other young talents in the hip hop community. But maybe that's a positive, allowing him to create and grow, free of speculation and judgement, working his way to becoming the exact artist he envisions. For what it's worth I prefer "Basic Beach," to "Show Out," it reminds me a little of a Janelle Monae track, and considering she's the best thing that has happened to music since she showed up on Outkast's 2006's Idlewild soundtrack (listen to "Call The Law," hands down the best thing on the album).

Back to Pell. He's dope, and while I haven't found anything that says he's got a new album coming out, the fact that he used the same artwork for both tracks says there might be something bigger on the way. For now, these tracks will be more than enough.