Caught A Ghost - "If You Only Knew"

After 2014's debut LP, Human Nature, Caught A Ghost is back and in a big way. Though labeled as electro-soul, Human Nature was, at it's core, a soul record. Just listen to the opening track and lead single, "No Sugar In My Coffee" or my favorite track, "uuu," and you'll get an idea; then you'll want more. 

On this lead single they've forgone the soul entirely, instead leaning on an electro heavy sound, with the synth driven "If You Only Knew." Even singer Jesse Nolan's vocals are more subdued, keeping in tune with the mood. While I hope they bring back the old school soul presence, I won't be opposed to an album that mirrors this track. 

While there's no word yet on when the new album will drop, I'd bet we see something substantial before the end of 2016. For now, we've got more than enough to keep us warm.