Connie Constance - "Lose My Mind"

I was a bit on the fence about Connie Constance. She gained a decent amount of buzz after last years EP In The Grass, and then even more with her follow up single, "Answer." Her vocals remind me a bit of VV Brown, though with a much more melancholy nature. She plays with vintage sound, which I liked quite a bit. The ending of "Euphoric," while short, is beautiful, and "Kingdom" is my favorite track out of everything she released last year. However, I didn't care for the aforementioned followup, "Answer," (great production but the vocal melodies/ lyrics left something to be desired). It made me need to hear more before climbing on board. 

"Lose My Mind" was the song I needed. It's so simple, and I can't stop listening. Just her and a piano, and a scarcely impactful piano at that. Her vocals shine, unique in her tone and jazzy delivery, it's just...really good. ALSO, if you go to her site she has a new song, "Books" (released a couple days ago) which is also good and available for a free download!! Just click HERE!