Kendra Morris - "Avalanche"

Sporting that retro-soul sound (think, a smoother Amy Winehouse), she climbs into your ears quickly and settles in. She found herself with a decent amount of buzz after her first LP, Banshee (a solid debut), and followed that up the very next year with Mockingbird, an album of covers. While it didn't receive a ton of attention, I enjoyed hearing her take on some classic songs with her own style; while also being impressed at the scope of artists she tackled. 

It's been four years since Banshee, and we finally have her second original record, Babble (released in late June). The seven track effort, while short, packs a punch. Vocally she's only gotten stronger, and musically she's taken her ambitions beyond that of a traditional soul sound. That sentiment is most evident in the single "Avalanche," where the noir-ish production is met with a modern vocal patterns and phrasing. The chorus sounds like a waking dream, which sounds good to me. Enjoy.