EXES - "Like You"

EXES has already made a splash this year by releasing a couple of excellent tracks, "Twentythousand" and "18." Now their back with their third single, "Like You." It's solid, though it's my least favorite of the three. Where the first two felt fresh, this one hit me with a Halsey/ Daya vibe, which, isn't a bad thing; everything sounds like something, but still I prefer the feel of the first two. Though the bridge is really good. Really really good. I wish they would have extended it a bit and taken the song somewhere and then come back to the chorus one last time. 

This electro-R&B Los Angeles duo has yet to release a set of tracks, but I'd imagine we're going to get our hands on an EP by the end of the year. Vocalist Allie McDonald has such a soothing natural tone, so when she hits you with the angelic harmonies on "Twentythousand" the urge to close your eyes and drift away is too strong to fight. Couple that with Mike Derenzo's on point production, where he balances that fine line of melodically engaging and dream-like soothing, and you have yourself music fit for a cool night drive or a day time nap.