Tom Misch - Reverie EP

This four track gem came out last month, though three of the songs were released as singles prior to that. Unfortunately, I neglected all of them; so I figured I'd throw the EP on here to recognize everything I (we?) missed. Tom Misch's quiet soulfulness endeared him to music fans almost instantly following last year's Beat Tape 2, and because he couldn't wait to give us more, he's back again with Reverie. The slick and intimate grooves feel like something you'd want to get lost to in a jazz club to cap off your night (listen to "Follow" and tell me you don't want that too!). Wait a minute, there's a word for that goodness...REVERIE. I see you Tom, well done. 

The funky slow jam "I Wish" is probably my favorite track off the EP, and it flows perfectly into the beautiful "Watch Me Dance." In fact, I'm inclined to say they play best as one. He's James Blake for when it's not overcast. Trust me, you want this in your life. This sound stretched into a 10 track album would be heaven, and I hope we get to experience just that as soon as possible. Though I'd imagine that won't come until 2017. It's ok though, we've got more than enough to hold us over until then. 

I'd also like to note that his 2014 EP, Out to Sea (a collaboration with Carmody) isn't something to pass on either. My favorite track there is "With You," which I'll include below for your listening pleassssssuuuuuurrrreeee. Enjoy!