Agnes Obel - "Golden Green"

Happy September everyone! We're in for a treat today, starting the month in style. I can't stress enough how much I love this woman. After briefly discussing her as the featured artist in my Weekly Roundup! a few weeks back (check it out HERE), I'm happy to report that she's released her second single in support of her upcoming album Citizen of Glass. It's scheduled to be released October 21st, the same day that Joseph is playing their show in NY, which means my sister has an unforgettable day of sounds to look forward too. Wish her luck.

"Golden Green," Agnes' deceitfully playful second single about the perils of envy, finds it's form by way of the vibraphone, which, paired with her angelic voice and soft harmonies, makes for another excellent track. I'm honestly convinced she can do no wrong. She's already claimed a spot in my five favorite artists and it appears she has no signs of slowing down. Her music is a genuine gift to the ears, heart, and soul.   

For those of you who missed it, and don't feel like reading my weekly update, here's the first single she released for the can't-come-soon-enough third LP, the delicate and dreamy "Familiar."