IRAH - "Fast Travelling"

It's been a few months since I'd checked back in on IRAH, a trio out of Copenhagen, who, earlier this year, released spacey and peaceful "Into Dimensions." In my absent months they've put out two singles. The first, "Mirrors," features a much more brooding presence but captures you just the same. Though I wouldn't liken them to Thievery Corporation, I definitely am given the same sort of satisfaction listening to them. Their calculated sound throws you into a dream like state that's hard to avoid.

Their new single, "Fast Travelling" is spellbinding, and my favorite song so far. The slow build helps build such a lush atmosphere that when the soaring harmonies coast in you're already flying high. IRAH is definitely one of the best groups that has come to fruition in 2016 and whatever they have in store for us is sure to be special.