Sasha Siem - "Bird Burning"

Sasha Siem's latest track, Bird Burning" will beat your heart with its heavy drums as the rest of your body moves to her voice as she chants and dances over the tribal sounds. Sasha's 2015 record, Most of the Boys, was a triumph in the unique and new (though there was definitely room to grow); which is exactly why I didn't expect her to return with new material so soon. But alas, she seems to be on a mission as "Bird Burning" marks her third single of 2016, and is also the title track of her soon to be released second LP, due out October 28th (one week after Agnes Obel's Citizen of Glass, my heart!).

Her rare combination of modern classical/ chamber-pop/ jazz-esque sounds evokes both visions of the past as well as the future. It's atmospheric and moving, as well as sharp and heavy, a blend that's is surely no easy task. Her continued musical journey immediately following Most of the Boys is interesting, as you can see both the growth away from, and the building on top of, her first record's sounds and themes.

I'm interested in seeing what's in store. Based on the first three singles, I think we're in for a real treat.