Sin Fang - "Candyland" (feat. Jónsi)

With Jónsi keeping quiet on the solo front since 2010's debut LP Go (unless you count the We Bought a Zoo OST), it's nice to hear him in what seems to be his preferred element outside of Sigur Ros. However, this is not a post about Jónsi, but rather the man he assists, Sin Fang. 

Sin Fang (formerly Sin Fang Bous) is the solo project of Nordic singer/ songwriter Sindri Már Sigfússon, the leader and founder of the band Seabear. I'd describe the sound as electro-folk, though with the new single it seems they've dropped the folk portion in favor of a louder, more anthemic sound. "Candyland," the first track/ single released in support of the upcoming LP Spaceland (due out the 16th of this month), is both big and soft, hitting you loudly but keeping the peace. 

I haven't listened to Sin Fang much, other than a few tracks over the years, so I can't speak to the progress of his sound with any depth, so we'll have to wait for my album review when I covered a bit more ground. Until then, enjoy the single.