Big Thief - "Dandelion"

Back in May, Big Thief released their debut LP, Masterpiece, to a fair amount of acclaim. The album's solitary sound is easy to fall in line with, however the mood needs to be right. While I enjoyed my time with it, not once did I feel the need to suggest it to any friends. Its melancholy half did wield a strong enough grip over my heart to become something I'd go to to connect with an empathetic voice, but it's "upbeat" tracks not nearly catchy enough to keep me coming back time and again. 

With that unbalanced experience, it became something that, if found at the right time, could lend a helping hand to a longing heart or a temporary escape from the spotlight that seems to be forever pointed at your misfortunes. The right time happens to be right now as I'm really connecting to their latest single, the soft and airy "Dandelion." Featuring simple acoustics and whispered vocals it's the exact sound I want to hear as the night winds down. 

I'm assuming this is a b-side, as they just released their full length record a few months ago, so I'm not expecting any else soon. Nevertheless, good is good, and I like this song. Check it.