Shakey Graves - "Tomorrow"

Imagine my excitement when I saw Spotify had a "new" single from Shakey Graves, only to start it and realize the song is from years ago. Though I guess I can't complain to much since I'm still contented and obsessed with Shakey Graves 2014 debut And The War Came. There was so much to love, this beautiful whirlwind of bluesy country rock, so raw and natural. And to see him live, consider me a life time fan. Really good stuff. 

"Tomorrow" is an extension of his first record, so if you like that, you'll like this. Starting with some light plucking that picks up a little aggression at the chorus but never sheds it's sunny roadtrippy atmosphere, it's a smooth and enjoyable listen. The silver lining here is that now we have an official release of a solid song that's been imprisoned to live versions on youtube, so it's kind of new in that sense...? Whatever. Here you go.