Kan Wakan - "Molasses"

Being the inattentive person that I am, I was unaware that Kan Wakan had released a new single back on August 20th (I only found out now because I went to listen to his first album, thankfully!). It's the first track since his spectacular, moody, electro-soul-jazz (and everything else you want) filled debut LP, 2014's Moving On (please go listen). The single, "Molasses," is one of the best I've heard all year. Seriously. This guy has got some serious grooves floating around in his brain, and with the help of vocalist Elle Olsun, the whole thing rolls out in seductive and sensuous fashion. Dreamy, elegant, and methodical, it creeps around in the shadows, teasing you, like the apparition of a beautiful woman motioning you closer but every time you get there she's just a little farther away.

This track is the first to represent Kan's upcoming triple LP Phantasmagoria which is only listed as "soon on the way" on his website. But if the album has the potential to maintain this level of pleasure my ears are getting from "Molasses" then I say take all the time you want, no need to rush genius.