Kishi Bashi - "Can't Let Go, Juno"

I don't know where to start. When Kishi Bashi first came around he instantly become someone I knew I'd love for years to come, merging a classical sound into all genres he approached, whether it be alternative, pop, psychedelic, etc. His sound knows no bounds, and with two albums and a beautiful live record featuring a string quartet in addition to his backing band.

September 16th marks the release of his third LP, Sonderlust, and "Can't Let Go, Juno" is the third and final single before it drops. His sound has shifted in style, leaning more on an electronic approach with an 70s/80s feel in mind. Though fans can rest easy as he still carries the blinding joy and optimism that has endeared him to listeners (his second single "Hey Big Star" embodies that feeling).

Sonderlust was one of my five most anticipated records of 2016 and I can't wait to see what the full album has in store.